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Posted in For Sale By Owner, Foreclosure Defense, Seller Financing

We have an open telephone line to brokers, buyers, sellers, and clients in general who may need help with buying or selling real estate or...

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Servicers Make More Money By Modifying Than By Foreclosing

Posted in Mortgage Modification

Thanks to Martin Andleman and Mandleman Matters Why Does Ocwen Want to Modify Loans? Answer: Because they profit by doing so.   In case...

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$157,105 Wells Fargo Principal Reduction

Posted in Mortgage Modification, Principal Reduction

JS is a hard working taxi driver. He came to us after a financial hardship, including a divorce. Ocwen is his servicer, however, the...

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You Get What You Pay For

Posted in Modification is the Practice of Law, Mortgage Modification

Virtually all of my modification clients tried it on their own and were turned down. Servicers will turn a borrower down and not tell them...

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Modification Guidelines

Posted in Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Mortgage Modification, Principal Reduction

Read the Hamp Handbook here. It will answer a lot of questions. Lenders may but are not required to reduce principal balances in a...

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