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How Many Kids Have Fluorosis?

Thanks to Paul Lamoreaux of Port Angeles who tracked down the information I needed:
I wanted to know how many kids there are in the US age 12 – 15, because this is the group of which 41% has some degree of fluorosis.
I wanted to show in plain numbers how many kids are affected by each degree of fluorosis severety.
These are the raw figures:
41% of children 12 – 15 years old have fluorosis[1], while 8.6% suffer from moderate fluorosis (white spots and some brown spots with up to 50% of enamel impacted), and 3.6% suffer from moderate and severe fluorosis (white spots and brown spots and sometimes pitting and chalky teeth and 100% of enamel impacted).
How many kids are there in each category. Check my calculations:
36,487,082.00 kids 5-13 years old
16,761,477.00 kids 14-17 years old
53,248,559.00 all kids 5-17, a span of 12 years
13,312,139.75 ages 12-15, a span of 4 years
one fourth of all kids 5-17
5,271,607.34 39.600% unaffected
2,622,491.53 19.700% questionable
3,793,959.83 28.500% very mild
1,144,844.02 8.600% mild
479,237.03 3.600% moderate-severe


It is not acceptable to give 479,000 kids nationwide moderate to severe fluorosis. Pro-fluroidationists write off damage to these kids as acceptable loss in return for a dubious slight reduction in caries.



James Robert Deal , Attorney

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