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Music Break

Music by Jimmie Deal

Lawyering is what pay the bills, but it is music that keeps me sane.

My father was a violinist as a child and a singer and drummer in a Dixieland band during the 1930s. Later he was my music teacher. I always have a melody running through my head, and I thank Dad for that.

Dad was James Robert Deal Sr., but everyone called him “Jimmie.” After he died in 2000, I decided to adopt Jimmie Deal as my name, especially when making music.

I hope you will enjoy these cuts. These are very raw first recordings. There are a lot of mistakes and some flat notes. I’d rather post them now than wait for perfect versions, which might take me weeks to get around to.

Most of these downloads are m4a files, and you will need to download Quicktime  or Windows Media Player to play them. These still need work, but they are not bad. When I was in college I had around 40 pieces, classical and popular that I had memorized and could play on guitar or piano.



To Download Or Listen In M4a Format
  • Bach’s Prelude 2, played on keyboards with a brass choir setup, as interpreted by Jimmie Deal.

  • Bach’s Minuet in G, played on keyboards with a guitar setting, as interpreted by Jimmie Deal.

  • Bach’s Minuet in G, played on keyboards with a brass choir setting, as interpreted by Jimmie Deal.


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