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Expert Witness – Speaker

Expert Witness, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

Lawyers cannot claim to specialize in any area of law – with a few exceptions such as tax and maritime law. But we can hold ourselves out as expert witnesses.

I know as much or more than pretty much any other attorney in Washington regarding the standards which should apply in modification, modification mediation, escrow, and real estate transactions.

So I am available to testify in court as an expert witness regarding such issues.

I am also willing to review and consult on modification work done by other attorneys or non-attorney professionals.

However, in these cases, there should already be a full and complete modification submission to be reviewed.

If there is not already a full and complete modification submission available, clients should hire someone to prepare one.

We only prepare modification submissions on Washington properties.

If such consultations involve property in states other than Washington, my consultation is limited to evaluation based on federal law only and not on the law of other states.

In some consultations to be done for clients in other states, I reserve the right to require the client to retain local counsel.


I am also available to give keynote speeches on modification and real estate issues generally. My speeches are not only informative but also entertaining.


I also do keynote fundraisers for non-profit groups, particularly school programs.

My favorite fund raiser work is for school choir and band groups.


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