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Wrap-Around And Lease-Option Transactions


Wrap-around deed of trust and lease-option transactions are back. Buyers are having trouble getting financing. This reduces the number of sales. With fewer buyers prices drop. The solution in many cases is for buyers and sellers to do assumptions of existing financing, to do wrap-around deeds of trust transactions, or to enter into lease-option transactions.

I am available to help buyers, sellers, and agents put these deals together and get them closed – with full disclosure.

Assumptions and wrap-around deals should be allowed as a quick way to add liquidity to the market.

I am available to make presentations at real estate offices regarding wrap-around and lease-option transactions. Call me at 425-771-1110.

You can modify your residential loan if you have a financial hardship and if you can prove you have the financial ability to keep up your payments on your modified loan. Another factor is whether the lender will lose more money by foreclosing than by modifying. Modification of second mortgages and modification of credit cards are handled differently; principal reductions are available.

Bankruptcy is not something one should undertake lightly. However, it is your right under the Constitution, and if you or your family is losing your home or having your wages or bank accounts garnished, you may consider protecting yourself by filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can also help get a better modification.

I will be attending the Fluoride Action Network convention on water fluoridation July 23-26 and will be speaking there. If you have or know someone with dental fluorosis, mottled teeth, only caused by water fluoridation, I would like to talk with them about being a plaintiff in a class action suit.

Hear Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Paul Connett discuss the absurdity of drinking water fluoridation.

Nuclear Power is Not Green or Carbon-Free.


James Robert Deal, Attorney

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