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Talcott Franklin Knows Mortgage Law

Attorney Talcott Franklin knows mortgage-backed securities inside and out.  He should… his firm, Talcott Franklin P.C.whose main offices are in Dallas, in dollar terms represents more than half of all the investors in mortgage-backed securities on the planet.  Tal’s the co-author of the “Mortgage and Asset-backed Securities Litigation Handbook,” and he’s a very experienced and highly sophisticated litigator.

What makes Tal a pleasure to talk to, however, is that he makes a very complex subject very easy to understand… in fact, every time I talk to him, I feel like come away smarter.  Actually, the very first time Tal and I spoke, it was very clear that we couldn’t be more in-sync as to our views on the economy… where it’s headed and why.

Listen to Talcott Franklin as interviewed by Martin Andelman:

Talcott Franklin Podcast

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