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Door-To-Door Transit

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Door-To-Door Transit: The Only Solution To Our Traffic Nightmare by James Robert Deal, Attorney Traffic is bad and getting worse, and there is no solution in sight, as one would conclude from reading Eli Sanders’  “Welcome to Town, Here’s Why You’re Stuck in Traffic” (Stranger, 1-28-15). I believe there is a solution: a flexible van system which would deliver door-to-door service to those who subscribe to it. It would use on-call vans to connect up the fragmented and disconnected transit services we now offer, with the goal that transit will become so convenient to use that half of us will leave our cars at home. It should not be necessary to own a car to get around. Widening the freeways, eliminating choke points, and finishing Link Light Rail will take decades and billions of dollars. After decades there will...

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