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James Robert Deal, Attorney at Law

Allow me to introduce myself. I am James Robert Deal, Washington Attorney, WSBA #8103.

James-Robert-Deal-photoI have been doing real estate law, escrow, tax-deferred exchanges, wrap-around and lease-option transactions, foreclosures, and residential mortgage modifications and commercial mortgage workouts since 1980. I am a Certified Foreclosure Specialist, which means I have studied foreclosures and foreclosure prevention, mortgage modification, and short sales. I am also a commercial mortgage loan officer.

I enjoy helping buyers and sellers put together transactions. I especially enjoy working on wrap-around and lease-option transaction. Buyers are having a hard time these days getting financing. Buyers can’t buy, and so sellers can’t sell. Why not have buyers utilize the seller’s financing. The buyer pays a collection account which pays the bank in the seller’s name.

Practice Areas

Real Estate: My primary focus real estate transactions. I help brokers structure and close transactions. I do escrow setup, which is working out the details of a transaction and getting it into escrow and getting it closed. I sometimes co-broker with other real estate brokers, receiving a separate commission at closing. People like paying at closing instead of being billed by the hour. I setup for-sale-by-owner FSBO transactions and get them closed. I list properties for sellers. I represent buyers as a buyer broker.

Modification: Many clients hire me to work on their modifications because they want help with all the many legal issues swarming about the modification process. I believe that the modification of mortgages is the practice of law. It is a mistake for mortgage loan officers, real estate agents, and other non-attorneys to be holding themselves out as mortgage modifiers.

If you have a question – about a wrap-around sale or mortgage modification or bankruptcy, send me an e-mail. Try to include all the facts you can think of.  If you will do this, I will reply by e-mail or call you. I want to determine whether I might possibly help you. I do not want to take on your case unless there is a reasonable chance I can help you.

Other Interests

I have many other interests. I am a committed opponent of the stupid policy of polluting our drinking water with fluoride. I am the vice-president of Washington Action for Safe Water, which works to develop strategies to end water fluoridation.

I am currently a candidate for the office of Snohomish County Executive.

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I have published numerous articles about developing a comprehensive transportation and transit policy.  I also write about the folly of nuclear power.

I have authored a book about the link between what we eat and the environment. Visit Amazon to buy it. I have been a committed vegan vegetarian since 1981.

My point is that we are real people here, and if you hire us, we will work for you in a committed way to improve your situation.

You may call me at 425-771-1110. You may fax me at 425-776-8081. You may click here to send me an e-mail.

James Robert Deal, Broker & Attorney
Madison Partners
WSBA # 8103, DOL # 39666
425-771-1110, 888-999-2022
James at James Deal dot com


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